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I personally do not smoke and I know they are not good for you. I hate those jack a55es for the reason that they do indeed make up and exaggerate bs 90 percent of the time just to scare people. I also find it funny that these people complain about big tobacco yet they are in bed with the companies that specialize in quitting cigarettes, not to mention that if inhaling chemicals are so bad, why not go after marijuana, granted I don't care if anyone smokes that bs neither, not my problem, but its still inhaling chemicals into your body yet the same people who are hardcore anti cigarette company and smoking tend to be supporters of smoking crack and other drugs, and many young people I have seen in colleges protest smoking yet get drunk off their asses on a regular basis. Hell everything according to so called studies give you cancer, you can't even eat a god dang blueberry anymore without it "causing cancer". Just my thoughts, not forcing my views, just writing my thoughts down. I just figure if you're gonna be anti smoking, just don't bitch about it and not buy it instead of forcing your opinion on those that do. 

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