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I just can not help it. I have a short term memory issue, i can not even barely remember 5 hours ago or anything I did today. I live with my family still do to not being able to find work in my area, so i tell them about it and all they do is accuse me of telling lies and telling me i make up a majority of what I say to them so how could they take me seriously. They expect me to trust them and believe them, yet though i rarely ever lie except unless someone asks me to cover for them, they act like everything i say is a lie and even said that pretty much. I have a bit of a rage fit, then transition to a more saddened state, I begin talking to a friend of mine on steam(he lives not far from me but its a bit late at night), I tell him the situation and he just comes out and says "i think half the stuff you say is bu115hit too". He expects me too to trust and believe him, which I do, yet my family and my only "true" friend can not trust me, even though as I said RARELY lie and only to help someone during an argument or whatever. I do not know what I did to deserve this crap. I try to be as nice to everyone as I can and not mislead or anything and instead everyone I personally know is a two faced piece of crap that are so one sided in trust and belief its not even funny. WHY SHOULD I TRUST ANY OF THEM!? YET THEY EXPECT ME TO DO IT FOR THEM!? FU** THEM!!! I apologize for sounding like a whiny teenager, but I am so sick of this crap and then get told its all my fault. If you think I sound in the wrong, I also apologize. I just needed to vent.

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